* Two enbies in flirting in the afternoon.*

are on the left. Press the Right arrow key (->) to use the com system to flirt with Them.

You can end the game by using the Down and Left arrow keys to climb down the ladders into the exit hatch.

[Note: The audio doesn't play on mobile, so play it on a computer if you can!]

Made using Adam  Le Doux's wonderful engine Bitsy. Writing, art, and music by Josie Brechner.

Thanks to Ryro for playtesting and encouragement, Megan for reminding me I want to make more Bitsy games, and Onion for technical support and being really great in general :)



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I enjoyed the game. I thought that it was very relaxing. The calm music and the chill, go-at-your-own-pace nature of the game really built to a cool sense of tranquility. The dialogue is so well written, that it really drew me in and contributed to this pleasant ambiance.

This game was really cute! I loved the background music, the pictures, and the cute moments. I felt my heart flutter with the character, it was just so well written in such a real conversation that this game was so romantic and sweet. This gave such good vibes!

This is adorable. At first I was frustrated I thought it wasn't working then the static came and I was so happy. That interaction was so wholesome and warm. The ending felt unsatisfactory. there was com static and everythign was left hanging although we were supposed to exist the pod to meet :(

Cuuute, really nice vibes to be sending out into the world. I played this with a friend laying next to an open window breathing the morning air and it was just really really nice.


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MY GAY LIL ENBY HEART IS SOBBING RN, but seriously this game is so cute n I love it. <3333

My big gay heart absolutely EXPLODED when They said, "I'm stomping on your dysphoria" Like wow I didn't realize you could capture such a cute moment in a game like this, love it! <3

This is really cute <3


hi! i love the game, it's very sweet and adorable. i have one question though. does it end with "gay com static"? i was confused if it was over or not.

oh hey! yeah you can walk down out of your mech after that and it fades out, ending the game

i walked out i was just confused if that was the end of the game hehe. thank you!

im so happy this exists <3


I love this sososososososososoososososososososo much  thank you

<3 :)


I really liked the vibe of this game, I feel like I can leave the game going on in the background because the music is so smooth. I also really liked the art. 


The visuals, the comforting background music, the tenderness of their conversation—*chef's kiss*.  Makes me feel warm inside :).

I loved this. It's so beautiful that this exists on the internet! I did not even know one could "play" a "moment". I think this really highlights the small moments in life that mean the most and it is so heartwarming and gives me butterflies :)

This is so adorable and heartwarming in every way possible. I love these sorts of games, they remind me of Undertale. The conversation was very real and made me feel better about myself. 

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From the music and the wavy rainbow font, the mood of this game is so heartfelt and sweet! I also thought the graphics and use of bright colors really added to the overall warm feeling of the conversation. 

This game is a nice, feel-good game. The music is really soothing which also contributes to the happy vibes this game radiates.

This is such a cute game! I loved the music, and the conversation felt really natural.

All I can say is <333333 The music alone was enough to make my day better.

This is so cute!  I think it says so much that at any point in the conversation you can leave through the hatch, but if you want to keep going you can get to a happy ending <3

LOVE the music and the way the typing looks. Also love the wavy rainbow hearts :) Wish those were an emoji or something <3

made me feel happy and warm in my freezing room tbh

Genuinely made my heart warm, I didn't expect this to be so sweet. Its kind of odd to feel this positive over something especially after months of just feeling so down and negative. At this point its almost rare to come across something so well put together that just makes you want to go out and spread some love and appreciation to the people you have in your life and are grateful to have. I'll be honest I've probably been playing the music for so long cuz it really is that cozy. Amazing work

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Wow, the vibes are so nice.  I feel kind of dumb - at first, I thought you were supposed to go over there and talk to them so I kept going down the hatch and being confused. I definitely should have read the instructions, haha! Feels just like the conversations I have with my friends. I didn't realize until I was done but oh my gosh, they're in a Godzilla-esque costume(?) and talking to their friend who's in a machine person(?) costume and that's such a cute detail I didn't notice. The soundtrack hits so many emotions and they're all perfect for the game. I only wish there was more dialogue but this was so short and sweet I don't think I can complain.

aaaaaa this was adorable!!! the exact kind of content i needed, thank you for the wholesome enby romance <3 <3

I really like the graphics


This isn't gay.


i was SCREAMING and BLUSHING with how wholesome this was ty

ahhh ty, that's lovely to hear!!


Wholesome endy content is what I need, thank you. 


This is SO adorable, I love it. It totally made me smile awkwardly, I felt like I was the one writing. Thank you for sharing this wonderful conversation with the world :)

ah that's such a compliment, thank you for playing it and leaving a comment! <3

What a cute game!!!

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL it makes me so happy kfjdjfkdjkfjdkjkfsjkd


Thank you so much!! :))

Wow, this was cute as heck! Best mech game ever!

Thanks!! Y’alls games are super cute too! <3

thank you! <3


My dysphoria is gone, my waters are cropped. THE AMOUNT OF GAY IN THIS GAYME IS AMGAYZING. Hope you have a good gay-day.

Very cute :) 

waaaaah i love this so much!!! my heart is so full :'3



This rules so hard!!!! I love the music so much!!!


tyy plumm!!!! I somehow missed this!!

This is adorable and you are adorable.

I love the rainbow hearts.

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this was really sweet, I love it :)

the dialogue was just perfect - I felt I really knew the two characters at the end


thank you adam! Again, I really appreciate you checking it out. Sorry i didn't see this for so long!! :)

no worries at all! :)

<3 this is hella cute!

soooooooooooooo cute

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