* Two enbies in flirting in the afternoon.*

are on the left. Press the Right arrow key (->) to use the com system to flirt with Them.

You can end the game by using the Down and Left arrow keys to climb down the ladders into the exit hatch.

[Note: The audio doesn't play on mobile, so play it on a computer if you can!]

Made using Adam  Le Doux's wonderful engine Bitsy. Writing, art, and music by Josie Brechner.

Thanks to Ryro for playtesting and encouragement, Megan for reminding me I want to make more Bitsy games, and Onion for technical support and being really great in general :)



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What a cute game!!!

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL it makes me so happy kfjdjfkdjkfjdkjkfsjkd


Thank you so much!! :))

Wow, this was cute as heck! Best mech game ever!

Thanks!! Y’alls games are super cute too! <3

thank you! <3


My dysphoria is gone, my waters are cropped. THE AMOUNT OF GAY IN THIS GAYME IS AMGAYZING. Hope you have a good gay-day.

Very cute :) 

waaaaah i love this so much!!! my heart is so full :'3



This rules so hard!!!! I love the music so much!!!


tyy plumm!!!! I somehow missed this!!

This is adorable and you are adorable.

I love the rainbow hearts.

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this was really sweet, I love it :)

the dialogue was just perfect - I felt I really knew the two characters at the end


thank you adam! Again, I really appreciate you checking it out. Sorry i didn't see this for so long!! :)

no worries at all! :)

<3 this is hella cute!

soooooooooooooo cute

love it so much, lovely and cute

ty spence!!



This is so lovely :)

ty!!!!! <3

Adorable. <3


Ahhhhh this is great!!!


<3 ty heather!!!

my heart is full and i love everything about this. thank you for making this Josie!!!!!

aw thank you so much for playing it Brandon!!!

WHAAAAAAAT!!!!!! THIS IS TOO CUTE IT'S MAKING ME MAD!!! is that a thing? getting mad at a thing cause it's so cute??

<3! Caeth you are too sweet!!

This is so beautiful and cute! The music choice is really nice too.

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Thank you!!

Josie I can't....Josie I really can't.....aaaaauauauauuhuhahuuah ///// 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈



I got contact Stomach-Butterflies. This is perfect!

Ty Noah!

this is so lovely and cute and cozy! i had a big smile on my face all through playing, what a lovely vignette. thanks for giving us this window into the lives of two very sweet very gay enbies :')